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Stop the addiction

with very few withdrawal symptoms,
using Amino Acids to create healthy brain chemistry.

RecoverEaze™ Amino Acid Therapy is extremely effective in successful recovery,
while relieving withdrawal symptoms and maintaining long-term sobriety.
It does this by providing the nutrients required to create a more balanced
brain chemistry.

RecoverEaze focuses on the physical aspect of an addiction rather than simply relying solely on the "white knuckle/willpower" approach to treatment and recovery. It directly targets the brain chemistry imbalances associated with drugs or alcohol addiction.

At RecoverEaze, we believe that by addressing the brain chemical deficiencies of an addiction, the individual now has created the foundation allowing for authentic recovery to unfold by utilizing the remainder of the techniques offered up by most rehabs and treatments center throughout. By feeding the brain the nutrition it requires, cravings are greatly reduced, and in most cases eliminated. Science has finally found an easier, softer way to stop the use of alcohol and drugs, and it's all natural.

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What is RecoverEaze?

RecoverEaze RecoverEaze is a unique and proprietary blend of amino acids and vitamins, specially formulated to assist in bringing about both a more balanced brain chemistry and gastrointestinal track.

A "Second Brain"?

RecoverEaze not only helps to bring balance to the brain, but also the gastrointestinal track. The gut actually contains MORE neurotransmitters than the brain. In fact, the gut has has been dubbed the "second brain" because it literally has a brain of its own. It is called the “enteric nervous system” or ENS, and is a very sophisticated piece of biology that is wired to the brain in intricate ways.

Over one half of a body's nerve cells are located in the intestines and, just like the brain in the skull, the brain in the intestines is able to learn, remember, and produce emotion-based feelings.

So, in order to have a successful, long-lasting recovery, one must bring balance to the "second brain" as well as the one in the skull.

RecoverEaze is available in two forms

RecoverEaze - Intravenous

Amino acids give the brain what it craves in a natural, non-habit forming way, while rebuilding the neurotransmitters, causing cravings to recede very rapidly. In our experience, the cravings are usually gone within the first two to three days, with very few (if any) withdrawal symptoms.

RecoverEaze facillitates rapid restoration of brain functions with minimal withdrawal symptoms.

RecoverEaze, administered intravenously, has been used successfully in hundreds of cases for the treatment of addiction withdrawal and recovery. Click HERE to see the list of providers.

RecoverEaze - Oral

RecoverEaze is also available over the counter, in powder or capsule form, as a 30 to 90 day supplement for either prior to, or post IV.

When used as a follow up to the recommended 10, 15 or 20 day IV protocol, it helps maintain a balanced brain chemistry. The oral form can also be used as a daily supplement to help maintain sobriety after any initial detox treatment for those individuals who have managed to find their way out from under an addiction through other means, but who are still struggling with the physical cravings that remain after the initial withdrawal experience, or simply as a way of aiding in relapse prevention.

Order the oral formula through our exclusive compounder, College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs by going to their website at www.collegepharmacy.com or by calling them, for free, at 1-800-888-9358.