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At Body Mind Recovery Technologies, we believe that
brain chemical deficiencies are at the root of all addictions.

RecoverEaze, formerly known as the NORA formula, is a proprietary blend of amino acids. This leading edge recovery treatment for alcohol and drug addictions and depression is both powerful and effective.
Click HERE to read about Amino Acid Therapy.

RecoverEaze focuses on the science of addiction rather than the more common "white knuckle (willpower)" approach to treatment and recovery from addictions.

RecoverEaze is available at authorized treatment centers and by health professionals around the country, in both IV and oral supplement form. Click HERE to see the list.

RecoverEaze is available for over the counter sale, in powder or capsule form as a thirty day supplement for helping with addiction withdrawal.

RecoverEaze has been shown to reduce and/or eliminate the cravings experienced from most drug or alcohol withdrawal. When used as a follow up to the recommended ten day IV protocol, it helps maintain a balance in the brain chemistry. It can also be used as a daily supplement to help maintain sobriety after any initial detox treatment or simply as a way of aiding in relapse prevention.

Are you an “Accidental Addict”?
You may have been born with these deficiencies

For example, if you were born Dopamine deficient, you will probably love Methamphetamine, Cocaine, or alcohol.

The amino acids give the brain what it craves from the substance of abuse so cravings are greatly reduced, many times eliminated. Science has finally found an easier, softer way to stop the use of alcohol and drugs and it's all natural.